Welcome to Saint Andrew

Saint Andrew Lutheran Church, located on the north side of Rib Mountain, serves the wider community of the Wausau area as a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. The ministry of Saint Andrew is "open to all who wish to express their faith in God through Jesus Christ by worship, learning, witness, and service."  Mission Statement


 Worship                                        Thursday                     Sunday

                                             12:15 &6:15 pm         8:00 & 9:30 am*

Weekly worship services are opportunities to encounter God's Word, to share a meal at the Lord's table, and to be sent into the world to serve. Throughout the Church Year, people of faith gather in worship to recall, proclaim, and participate in the mystery of Christ's life, death, and resurrection. Whether you have been to church before or are seeking to grow in a community of faith - come and hear about God's love for you at Saint Andrew



Rally Sunday - September, 11 2016

Church Picnic

Rally Sunday

Sunday School Resumes - September 11, 9:30 am

Sunday school begins each morning in worship. Following the children's message, students are dismissed to classes where they engage in an interactive Bible study that in the younger grades - focuses on the lesson for the day.  Older students begin to work on Biblical narrative as they prepare for confirmation. 

"God's Work. Our Hands"

Efforts will be made to support local firefighters as we acknowledge the fifteenth anniversary of 9-11 and the lives of those who died while attempting to save others. Daily, firefighters and police officers willingly step into situations while others step out. On this day, we thank those who dedicate their lives to making our communities safer and better places to live. Firefighters normally spend their shift centered at a particular firehouse. A meal, therefore, is a simple way of sharing support and offering an expression of thanks. Food will be gathered at the time of the church picnic and shared around the Wausau community. Thank you!